Image by Aaron Burden

Election Day- 

Tues, November 2, 2021

Polls open from 7am-8pm

It is imperative for every single person to vote. Every vote counts. Let your voice be heard.

*Last day to register to vote: October 18

*Last day to request a mail-in or absentee ballot: October 26

*Find your polling location for in-person voting

*Update your voter registration

*Find your legislators

*Contact your Election Officials

*PA Voter Services

*Track Your Election Ballot Status (for Mail-in or Absentee Ballots only)

What is a municipal (general) election?

General elections are always held the first Tuesday, after the first Monday, in November.
In a general election, Pennsylvanians vote for local officials, including:

  • County and city officials (only elected in odd-numbered years)

  • Judges and magisterial district judges (only elected in odd-numbered years)

In odd-numbered years, like 2021, these November elections are also called municipal elections because there are no federal or state office on the ballot.

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