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TUES, MAY 18, 2021

Polls open from 7am-8pm

It is imperative for every single person to vote, whether in-person on May 18th or by mail-in ballot. Every vote counts. Let your voice be heard.


*Last day to register to vote: May 3

*Last day to request a mail-in or absentee ballot: May 11

*Find your polling location for in-person voting

*Update your voter registration

*Find your legislators

*Contact your Election Officials

*PA Voter Services

*Track Your Election Ballot Status (for Mail-in or Absentee Ballots only)

What is a primary election?

Primary elections in Pennsylvania are held on the third Tuesday of May in most years.

In a primary election, each political party selects its candidates to run for office during the general election. The candidates who get the highest number of votes in the primary election go on to run in the general election . Voters also vote for their party’s officers during a primary election.

In Pennsylvania, you can only vote for the candidates in the same political party you have named in your voter registration. For example, if you registered to vote as a member of the Republican Party then you can vote in the Republican primary, but not the Democratic primary.

All voters can vote on:

  • constitutional amendments,

  • ballot questions, and

  • any special election contests held at the same time as a primary election.

Do you live in the 22nd Senatorial District or the 48th Senatorial District? If so, you also have Special Elections on May 18th!


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